God damnit I love rock'n'roll music soul love sweat guitars drums pianos muussiiiccc!
::sigh::.... ahem, well I recently went to go see one of my favorite bands Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and quite honestly I needed it. I needed to be brought back to life high voltage. Not that I was drained of life or anything. But at times you forget why you love life so much, what matters to you most, and what those passions are. For me it's MUSIC. When you get a feeling that beats anything else, feels so good even smiling is unbearable, and makes your body shake to a frenzy of noise- that's pretty much the best feeling in the world. I would love to perform around the world, rock out to an ocean of vibrations, and feel the love and energy back from the crowd, recycled, reused. Just living from a bus, few items of clothing, instruments, some cigarettes, lots of water, paper, pen, sweat and tears: bliss
fuck everything else, ya?
well no. but ideally, i wouldn't mind having that life.
free of attachments, and full of music= love.


Swaaaan said...

go on tour! come to Minneapple.
I love live music. the sound waves blast you with rockin vibes. energy.

Revelations. said...

Haha! hopefully i can be both a nurse and a touring musician. follow yer dreams, follow them...

Swaaaan said...

Nursing pays real well for the pocket and heart. That should fund your musical endeavors. I dug the Local Natives. Oh! and hay...you should give Red Pens a listen. Very cool. I have a girl crush on the drummer chic.