So, while watching Alice in her "wonderland" last week I couldn't help being drawn in to the Caterpillar, whom as a young child I sort of ignored among the other characters. But I guess being that I am more self-aware now, it was hard to deter away from his smoke filled wisdom. His questioning Alice "WHooo, are youuuu?" is probably the most philosophical line in the movie, and I'm sure it's ALL been deciphered many different ways. But this did not matter to me at the time, I was way too into the movie and the Caterpillar. I was definitely captured by his soothing knowledge and simply by the fact that he WAS a caterpillar, anatomically going through metamorphosis, and in the end (although not in the book) transforming into a new part of his existence. Thus began my butterfly obsession of the week! HA, cliche, cliche. The figurative metamorphosis is something I took to be inspiring, as I'm sure it is with lot's of people. It's easy to tie this idea of transforming yourself for your next life, into your current one. It is almost awakening to know that your thoughts, creativity, and potential are limitless. This is even more enlivened with the beauty that is seen after the metamorphosis of the caterpillar, into the sweet beautiful light butterfly. So, I went on a rampage of search mode for butterfly information, and yes, images. There are so many lovely species of butterflies, but what attracted me more were these closely related unique moths. They come in different sizes and so many colors. They're really gorgeous.

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