Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Greek Theatre Sept. 17, 2009

Shadow light.
Karen O.
Run away.
The Breeders.

First time YYY show, and it was well worth ever penny.
The Breeders opened up the night with a drowny pixie-esque sound, obviously so . Although they weren't the most entertaining performers to watch, their music did rock you into a nice trance; swaying me back and forth like on some dreamy drug, all under the big black sky. I have yet to listen to their latest EP Fate to Fatal, but I am all the more interested now.
After a trip to the ladies room, I found myself gleeful with excitement. I could not wait to see this band I've been wanting to see since, forever. I go back to my seat, the lights go dim, and the excitement begins. A shadow appears behind the monumental white curtain... they drop!- and Karen O emerges from behind, beautifully dressed as a colorful zebra phoenix bird... and all you hear are those five angelic guitar notes, as she begins to sing:

"I was feeling sad
Can't help looking back...
Highways flew by ay ay ay...
Run, run, run away
No sense of time
Want you to stay
Want keep you inside

(crowd cheers)

RUN, RUN, RUN away
Lost, lost, lost my mind
Want you to stay
Want you to be my prize

Great song to open with, one of It's Blitz's jewels for sure. The whole night followed with an awesome set list and a truly amazing performance by Karen O. I wish I could go back to early 2000 and try to catch a glimpse of what it was like to see them in some hole-in-the-wall venue in new york city. Mm but alas, it is now. And I am grateful. Just one thing i might have changed was the mediocre sound engineering. But EVERYTHING else was perfect.
Set list: runaway, phenomena, shake it, heads will roll, pin, dull life, gold lion, cheated hearts, skeleton, hysteria, soft shock, honeybear zero, turn into. encore: y control, maps (acoustic), date with the night.

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