he who says that loves
has loved before and
will love again, and again.
he who says that cares,
truly does care, temporarily.
he who wishes Death
has felt no love wrong love,
short lived love.
he who desires to be loved
looks too much to no avail.
he who dares not admit it,
knows that love can cure it.
he who is indifferent to love,
is only foolin' himself.
he cannot love, without
loving himself first.
he cannot love without
sacrificing himself first.
through a storm of hate we find love.
through a gentle nudge we feel love.
through our senses of sight
sound smell touch, we find it.
easy, he says.
pure complexity, he thinks.
twinkle, twinkle little star...
what is really, love?
and hey Little star, why do i
care so much?