To: the ill From: the ill

It might be a pathetic attempt to even try and dissect some of the problems humans face everyday, especially those rooted down deep inside of us. So personal and hidden. It has become such a concern to please our reflected image, and more so, the non-reflective ones... the ones that matter most to people. Why do we feel we have adhere to those judgements and comments from, well, whoever? Is it really that hard to make up ones mind, with the help of no other? When we claim to be strong and independent, pfff it's such a farce, we're the opposite. All we truly care about is what the world will say to what you present to it. And with the deception that we are actually doing it for ourselves. It's fake. We are far from genuine. Dishonest and superficial beings. I hate to be so pessimistic. I don't find comfort in outer image. Or "image" ... and yet I fall prey to it. And when I recognize this, I feel silly, common, and like a total asshole. I admire people who aren't like this, people who are really, true people. "Love Is Blind" is quite the phrase, so cliche yeah I know. 
Love yourself, and love others... and gouge your evil eyes out.

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